I used to love having new years resolutions. I would make a top 3 bite-size resolutions that I could actually keep up with. They have kept me motivated in the past and I've even reached some of my bucketlist items because of them. However, the past few years I've made a shift to words or themes for the year. This allows me to live my values rather than be results oriented. 

Last year, my word for RAANII was connection (verbinding, in Dutch). Connecting with other makers, businesses, followers and myself through art. I've met the most amazing people and it's been so inspiring. While I wasn't conscious of this word all the time, when I reflect back on 2022, it somehow did hang above me in the choices that I made.

The word curiosity handlettered in block letters and stacked above eachother in 3x3 rows.

So, this year, my word for 2023 is CURIOSITY. It's a value and hope at the same time. I believe that if I personally stay curious towards people, situations, challenges, and myself, I will continue to grow and keep an open mind.  At the same time, I hope more people will adopt a more curious behavior and mindset. I hope people will learn to listen and ask questions before making assumptions and fill in someone else's story. I hope that people become more curious to what another person drives and moves. Interested in different cultures. To have some empathy, so that instead of contributing to an already segregated society, we find connection in what we have in common - which is that we're all human and all go through the same things. 

This year,  hope through sparking curiosity with my work for RAANII, I  can push against biases and stereotypes. Tell you the beautiful stories which hide behind all those faces we pass daily. Show you what you're missing out on when you stay in your own bubble. Connect you with people you're too scared to ask questions. To demonstrate that at the end of the day, we are all human, and that developing a diverse and inclusive community can be life changing.

I say cheers to that!

As long as you’re interested in people and things, that curiosity propels you forward." - Joanna Coles

January 04, 2023 — Rani Temmink