I'm Rani,

a Dutch illustrator who creates inclusive and diversity illustrations to contribute to a better representation of society. A realistic representation. I grew up in an international environment where the wealthiest and poorest communities live side by side. Countries where there are so many cultures and background living with and amongst each other that racism and discrimination is not a talk of the day. Personally, a fantastic, educational, and inspiring and time.

At the same time, I was confronted very early on with human rights, inequalities, and prejudice. Girls who are not allowed to go to school, disabled people who have no access to the labour market and women who are paid far less for the same work. Personally, I could rarely identify myself in books, films, magazines, commercials, and illustrations. My awareness of this only increased as I get older. It is exactly my daily confrontations, personal lack of diversity and compassion that drive me to contribute to inclusion & diversity.

By making design services accessible to marginalized groups, illustrate educational artwork and resources to support social justice and design everyday inclusive prints, I hope to, in a subtle manner, celebrate and normalize inclusion & diversity. In addition, my passion for travel, mental health and the road to a sustainable world are a source of inspiration.

My style is fresh, cheerful and timeless, with a modern twist. Minimalistic elements and beautiful details come together in my simple, yet elegant designs. I enjoy working with a wide range of traditional and digital media. At the moment I do limited custom work. However, feel free to send a message as there just might be some available space! Interested in wholesale? Check out my wholesale page for more information.

Verna Myers

"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance."

Are you a like minded individual, business or organisation? Do you like my style or contribute to inclusion & diversity yourself? Or maybe you’re just curious and have a question? Great! I’m always up for a chat. Send an email to contact@raanii.eu and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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