Great to see you here!

I'm so excited to see you consider working with me! I absolutely love hearing about your unique story and ideas! Ready to breathe life into your idea's? Let's get to it!

What I can do for you:

Illustration Project

Illustrations for your personal projects. For example a bookcover, an article, guides, research, wrapping paper, grandmothers cookbook, or other (lifestyle) products.

Business illustration

Lead an inclusive brand with illustrations that represent and reflect society, so that more people can relate to your companies vision and mission. Wether it's a business card, greetingscard, training material, flyer or educational posters.

Custom made

Unique experiences deserve unique illustrations. Completely tailor-made illustrations to tell your story, make your gift, or spread your message. Portraits, greetingscard, wedding stationery, posters or anything else.

How it works:


E-mail Me

I'd love to hear about your ideas and see if I'm a good match to breathe life into your project! Send me all your ideas and details and I'll get back to you.


Meet & Greet

I love getting to know my clients and who I'm working with. I want to know what drives and inspires you. I'll schedule a quick call to discuss your wishes and the details of your project and see if we're a good match.

Step 3


Are we a good match? Great! Once I've received all the details about the assignment and we've agreed on all the nitty gritty formalities, I'll send you a quotation by e-mail. I'll get started on the assignment once I've received a signed (digital) copy of the quotation.


Brainstorm & Sketches

Based on what we discussed, I'll do a brainstorm and create the first sketches. I'll take you along through this process, so that it will feel as much as your project as it does for me. A true collaboration!


Feedback round

I'll select my favourite sketches and send them to you for feedback. Once I received the feedback, I'll make the adjustments and finalise the illustrations.


Happy with the sketches and final results? Then, I am too! I'll deliver the final illustrations in the correct files so that you can immediately use them. And that's a wrap!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I just sent a request, what's next?

You can expect a reply from me somewhere between 1-3 days. I will schedule a call to meet and discuss further details.

How much does an illustration cost?

Every assignment is tailor-made. That's why it's so fun and unique. The costs depends on so many factors! What your wishes are, how much time it will take, how many illustrations, optional printing, licenses, how you are going to use the illustration, etc.

To give you an idea, a personalised greetingscard starts at €250 excl VAT a book cover starts at €700 excl VAT.

When can you start?

RAANII is a one woman show, running this next to a full-time job. Depending on the amount of current projects, I can usually start within 3-4 weeks.

What kind of custom designs do you make?

Firstmost, I enjoy working on projects that advocate inclusion and diversity. Following, I prefer working on project that have a social impact, however big or small, projects with human connections and beautiful stories. This could be a small personal book of your grandmothers recipes or a portrait of you and your best friend.

All illustrations can be printed on a wide range of products. Greeting cards, t-shirts, waterbottles, posters, bookmarks etc.

Do I own the work you create?

No, the copyright stays with me.

What is a license?

“License” is another word for right of use. With a license, the client receives permission from the maker to use a design. As an illustrator, I grant a basic license whereby the client can use the illustration for a specific place or product, such as a magazine or poster.

Can you arrange printwork and ship directly to the receiver if it's a gift?

At an extra cost I can arrange printwork for you. If you would like me to send the illustration directly to the receiver, that is possible.